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Donard Bespoke Carbon Frame
Carbon Bikes
For an all out race bike it's hard to beat carbon - that's why all the pros are on carbon bikes. Carbon bikes are super light and responsive and the material offers much more possibilities to optimise the stiffness and ride quality.
It's a great material for mass manufacturing - to produce identical bikes quickly and cheap - but at Donard it's used to produce something truly unique.

Donard Carbon
Donard carbon bike frames are completely handmade in the Donard workshop and totally customised including the carbon layup. Part of the Donard design process is to optimise the layup based on your weight, riding style and ability - I'll even use your power data.  A perfect balance of material selection, specifically calculated tube strutures and custom geometry - individually tailored for you. Every frame is rigourously tested and checked before it leaves the workshop. Donard frames are also custom painted in house using the highest quality paints, ensuring complete control of the process from design to finishing

Donard Carbon frames are made using the "Tube-to-tube" construction method. Every individual tube is made in house which means it is perfectly in balance with your riding style and the other parts of the frame. The tubes are bonded with a specialist adhesive and the joints are reinforced with additional layers of carbon fibre.


The carbon fibre layup of the tubes and joints can be tuned and adjusted in each frame to make the optimum performance machine for your riding style. Each frame is tested against published power transfer data and steering responsiveness data to ensure it performs exactly as designed.

Price: £3,990
Price includes frame, fork, headset and T47 threaded bottom bracket

Other specifications and complete bike options available on request

Carbon Race Bike Enve Dura-ace
Donard Carbon Bike

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