Donard Handmade Bikes
Stainless Steel framesets and complete bikes now availableĀ - Contact us to order

Ordering your Donard Bike

Step 1: Get in touch
Designing your bike starts with a discussion by email, phone or in person where we form a picture of what we're going to build, we'll work out a specification for the build kit and and a ball park price.

Step 2: Getting on the Build Queue
You get the next place in the build queue once we have the deposit in place, then we'll start to get to work on the finer details sorted.

Bike fit: Recommended Fitters
If you can't make it to the Donard workshop then I'll recommend a local bike fit professional in your area, or I can work with data from all the standard bike fit systems.

Bike fit: Donard Bike fit
I like to see you riding a bike to make sure I'm comfortable with your current fit and riding style so if you can make it to the workshop, we'll take some measurements, check your current fit, make some adjustments and go for short bike ride.

Final Design
I'll send you a final design for approval including a frame specification, components list, geometry and paint scheme, once you are happy with that, it's time to start building

Building your Bike
I'll let you know when I'm starting and check for any last minute tweaks. Then tubes are prepared, then mitred and assembled before heading to the paint booth. Have a look here for some details of the build process.

When the bike is complete, we'll arrange collection, or I'll arrange to have the bike shipped directly to you. Then it's time to ride!
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