Repair and Paint Services

My main business is making custom frames but I do offer some additional services for other brands of bikes.

Top tube crack Handlebar Crash Damage Carbon Frame Repair
If you want a repaint, or if your current frame is damaged, get in touch and I'll see what I can do to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Carbon Frame damage inspection and analysis
Non-destructive testing techniques like Ultrasound scanning can be used to check the structural integrity of your frame after a crash, or to check the full extent of any damaged areas. Impacts on carbon parts can cause delamination of the underlying carbon fibre laminates and it's important to get any cracks in the paint or visible damage fully inspected.

Carbon Fibre Bike Repair
Carbon Fibre Bike frame or wheel repair involves doing a careful inspection of the damaged area, using ultrasound scanning to find any additional areas of delamination which may not be visible. Damaged carbon is then carefully removed and the affected area is rebuilt with new layers, matched to the original layup. Read a recent blog post about Frame repair

Steel Frame Repair
Damaged steel frames can be repaired and refurbished. I can also check steel frame realignment and bring it back into alignement. Additional braze-ons can be added, for example fittings for mudguards or rack-mounts

Repainting of your existing frame to a high quality finish. If you have an idea for a new paint scheme or want to give your bike a new lease of life. All logos and graphics are painted rather than using stick on vynil decals.

Carbon Fibre Repair Top Tube
Carbon Fibre Bike Frame Repair and Bike Respray in Northern Ireland