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Next Event: Air Ambulance Fundraiser 26 May 2019, Kirkistown race circuit.
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My name is Owen Byrne. At Donard, I make hand-crafted bike frames. Each one is bespoke and unique. I aim for the highest quality in fabrication, painting and finishing. I continually search for improvements in every single detail.

I built my first frame in 2012 and started Donard bikes in 2015, and went on to win two awards at the prestigious Bespoked UK Handbuilt bike show in 2017. As well as developing my own processes and tools for making bike frames, I have inspected and repaired stacks and stacks of carbon bikes.

Donard Bikes is the only manufacturer in Ireland that builds bespoke custom bikes in both Carbon Fibre and Steel - in-fact one of only a very small number anywhere in the world that work in both materials. Every bike is painted in house, in my dedicated paint shop.

I make steel bikes, stainless steel bikes and carbon bikes. The carbon bikes are made using "Tube to tube" construction, with all of the tubes individually designed and made for each rider. On the steel bikes, I use fillet brazing in brass and silver, or lugged designs. I can source componentry for complete builds, recommending only brands that I would use on my own personal bikes.

I am a physicist and long time bike racer. I have a PhD in Physics from the Queens University of Belfast, studying the material properties of advanced materials and have worked in Bio-medical research imaging, in software, quality assurance, and in the Broadcast and Consumer Electronics industries.

DONARD is a demo centre for the latest Campagnolo 12 speed groupsets

DONARD is a proud sponsor of the Belgian Project for 2019, supporting young local riders

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