Donard Handmade Bikes
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I make Bespoke bicycles.

All Donard frames are handmade and painted in my workshop on Strangford lough in Northern Ireland.  Each frame is individually designed and built as a "one-off" completely bespoke and exquisitively finished

When I'm building a steel bike I'll select the best tubset for you using a blend of Reynolds and Columbus tubing, if it's carbon I will make you an entirely customised tubeset.

All my frames have the famous Donard headbadge, lasercut from Stainless steel and hand polished.

Steel bikes are available as road, all-road, gravel or CX configurations.

I normally supply complete bikes, though I can provide frame and fork packages.
Donard Road Bike

Please ask for complete bike prices.

Donard DR4
The workhorse. A handmade frame based on Reynolds 631 main tubes- the successor to the famous 531 and 531c tubesets.
Frame + carbon fork from £1400 (rim brake)
Complete bike: Please ask
Disc Brakes: Please ask

​​​Donard DR1
Something special with a bit more finesse. Based on a blend of tubes, primarily Reynolds 853 or Columbus Spirit steel.
Rim brake Frame+ carbon fork from £1,900
Disc brake frame + carbon fork from £2,000
Complete bike: Please ask

Donard Elite 
Lightweight luxury. Stainless Steel frames using Reynolds 921, 953 or Columbus XCR

Click here for more information on the Donard Elite Stainless bikes

Donard 850
The ultimate Donard frame - made from Carbon fibre with a handmade tubeset and customised carbon layup, tailored geometry and lightweight race performance. I provide a frameset package including a carbon fork, headset and bottom bracket.
Frameset Package: £3,990

Prices include a single colour paint scheme. 
Custom paint work available on request.

To order or discuss the options in more detail, email me at [email protected]
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