Donard Handmade Bikes
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Donard Bike frames are designed, built, tested and painted in our workshop on the edge of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland.
  1. Programmable oven controller
    Then the frame gets cured at high temperatures with specific cure cycles with a programmable temperature controller. The cure cycle is monitored with multiple sensors across the frame. I also carefully control the pressure for optimal fibre compaction.
  2. Frame testing and analysis graph
    Testing Carbon Tubesets
    Once the frame is complete, everything gets tested to make sure it meets the design specification. This includes alignment checks, stiffness testing, and ultrasound scanning.
  3. Joint Reinforcement Hand layup
    Joint Reinforcement
    ...carbon joints are reinforced with additional layers of carbon fibre, carefully placed to transfer the loads through the frame. This allows fine tuning of the performance of the final bike.
  4. Carbon Frame construction in Frame Jig
    Fitting in the Frame Jig
    Then everything gets cut and fitted in the frame jig, ready for joining. Carbon frames are bonded with aerospace structural adhesives. Steel frames are either fillet brazed or lugged. At this point steel frames are nearly ready for finishing, but there is more work to do on the carbon frames...
  5. Bike Frame Geometry and Design Blueprint
    Your Design
    Your frame number gets allocated when I start designing your frame. I create the geometry blueprint and the quality checklist that will follow your bike the whole way through the build process
  6. Hand Made frame components
    Hand made frame parts
    All the small carbon parts such as the brake bridge, carbon dropouts and cable guides are made in house too. If you are having a steel frame we might make some of the small steel parts
  7. Hand Made Carbon Fibre Tubeset Reynolds Columbus
    Making your carbon fibre tubeset
    Every carbon tubeset is made entirely in house, meaning I have control of every piece of carbon in your frame. If we're building a steel frame, the tubing will be sources from Reynolds or Columbus
  8. Completed and painted Donard Carbon and Steel Framesets
    We are very proud of the quality of our paintwork. The frame is painted using top quality colours and clear coats, before being polished and finished to the highest standard.
  9. Donard Bike Build
    Then it's time to build up the bike using the finest components...
  10. Donard Bike on the road in the Mourne Mountains
    Time to ride
    ...and get out on the road for some adventures...
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